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The Hughes Digital Media Solutions team is a service and solution development division of Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes). Hughes is a global provider of managed networks and turn key services for business. Our digital media team is focused on delivering solutions for business communication.

Our turnkey digital media solutions are offered as part of the broad HughesOn Managed Services portfolio. The broad HughesOn portfolio provides innovative, cloud-friendly, network and digital media solutions designed for the unique needs of distributed enterprises in industries such as retail, hospitality, law enforcement, food service, government, education, and retail petroleum.

But you’re here to see how you can better engage your customers and employees. HughesOn enables your business to deliver compelling video, messages, and real-time information to any internet-enabled device.

The HughesOn digital media solutions organized into two (2) suites – Employee Engagement and Customer Engagement. The products within each suite can be delivered together or a la carte. And, these solutions can all be run on the cloud, making a web-browser the only tool you need to create, update, and send information to customers and employees.

With HughesOn, you can communicate with your entire organization more efficiently, more frequently, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

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