Digital Signage Paving the Way To Creating a Memorable Brand Experience

In today’s world, we are surrounded by screens. They are in airports, malls, retail outlets, grocery stores, and even in the hands of our little ones.  Why are screens becoming so commonplace?  In a recent study, it was found that digital video in public venues reach more

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In-Store TVs, When Used Properly, Can Be Powerful Tools for Marketing & Sales

The next time a customer is in your store, why not invite them to watch television? We’re not suggesting you mount a TV to binge-play Game of Thrones. Rather, televisions strategically installed throughout stores can play content that educates and interests people in products, increasing the odds that they

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Build Customer Loyalty with Educated, Confident Associates

Consumers want a good experience and they will reward it with their loyalty We have all experienced it in our own lives. We are naturally drawn to pleasant experiences. When someone you trust tells you about a positive experience they had in a particular location, you are

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Blended Learning is “New” Again

The concept is unchanged – but its value is enormous in today’s distributed organization. Blended Learning has some very wide interpretations. Some will say that it is a mixture of brick and mortar classroom with online content. Others will say that it is a brick and mortar

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Retail Workforce surges to handle holiday traffic

How do you train 10,000 new employees on 100,000 new products? We are now in the most scrutinized period of retail each year. The “holiday season” is upon us. Just a few years ago this period didn’t start until “Black Friday” but in today’s world it starts

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